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Hydrolyzed Type I and III Collagen

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that supports healthy skin, bones, muscles, tendons, and overall health. Up to 30% of all the proteins in your body consists of collagen, which can be found in your skin, bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, and digestive system.

Your body normally produces its own supply of collagen. However, as you age, your body’s collagen production slows down significantly, leaving you with sagging skin, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. Fortunately, you can now boost your body’s natural levels of collagen with Groovy Bee Collagen Peptides.

We have not offered collagen until now because clean sources were difficult to find and verify. Through extensive laboratory testing for glyphosate, heavy metals, microbiology and more, we have finally been able to procure and verify a supply line of clean collagen that contains no detectable levels of glyphosate or AMPA, a glyphosate byproduct.

Derived from grass-fed cows, our non-GMO bovine collagen powder delivers Type I and Type III collagen that have been hydrolyzed for easier digestion and absorption. This nutritive supplement naturally contains protein, calcium, iron, and several amino acids. Groovy Bee Collagen Peptides is also meticulously lab tested for glyphosate, AMPA, microbiology, and heavy metals.

Collagen Peptides

What are collagen peptides andhow can they benefit your body?

Collagen peptides are bioavailable forms of collagen produced via hydrolysis. This process breaks collagen down into smaller, more easily digestible pieces without diminishing its nutritional content. When you consume collagen peptides, your body can easily use them as building blocks to rejuvenate your tissues. Scientists have identified at least 28 different types of collagen, but among the most important ones are Types I and III.

Type I collagen consists of fibers that make up your skin, tendons, bones, ligaments, and other body parts. This type of collagen contains 19 amino acids, including alanine, proline, hydroxyproline, and glycine. Considered the strongest type of collagen, Type I collagen is responsible for healthy skin function and much more.

Type III collagen is a fibrillary collagen that supports healthy hair, nails, skin, and bones. As the second most abundant type of collagen in your body, Type III collagen can mostly be found in your skin, lungs, intestines, vascular system, and other connective tissues. It plays an important role in supporting healthy organs and tissue.

Groovy Bee Collagen Peptides contains hydrolyzed Type I and Type III collagen, both of which support healthy skin, bones, muscles, joints, tendons, and other organs.

Why do you need collagen supplements?

Collagen production naturally slows down with age. According to studies, this can start occurring as early as the age of 25. Once it begins, your collagen levels typically decrease by 1.5% each year. Your body will start expending more collagen than it can produce by the time you reach 40. 

Insufficient levels of collagen can cause:

Issues with hair loss

or hair breakage

Poor digestion

Wrinkles and

fine lines

Weak or brittle nails

Sagging skin

Weak bones

Flat or thin hair

Slow wound healing

Stiff or sore joints

Collagen peptides contain both essentialand non-essential amino acids

Collagen peptides are made up of beneficial amino acids. You can find 19 different amino acids in Groovy Bee Collagen Peptides. These essential and non-essential amino acids can support your overall health and well-being.  


Isoleucine supports healthy energy levels and may aid in muscle recovery after strenuous physical activity.

Leucine works with isoleucine and valine to help repair muscle tissues and support healthy energy levels.

Lysine is necessary for supporting healthy hormone production and bone growth.

Methionine plays a vital role in the production of glutathione, creatine, and collagen in the body.

Phenylalanine plays an integral role in the production of other amino acids.

Threonine supports healthy cardiovascular, liver, nervous, and immune system functions.

Valine is necessary for energy production and maintains healthy muscle growth.


Groovy Bee Collagen Peptides are also packed with non-essential amino acids such as alanine, arginine, glycine, proline, serine, and tyrosine that support healthy metabolism, immune system, brain, liver, and more.

Why choose Groovy Bee Collagen Peptides?

The best collagen supplements contain no added fillers, sugars, sweeteners, preservatives, and other ingredients that can diminish the formula’s potency or add extra calories. Groovy Bee Collagen Peptides is made of only 100% pure hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides with zero additives.

Some commercially available collagen supplements are derived from genetically modified sources. But Groovy Bee Collagen Peptides is completely non-GMO. We carefully source our premium bovine collagen powder from high-quality cows that are grass-fed to ensure that you get only the best Type I and Type III collagen supplement on the market, verified free from glyphosate and AMPA (two herbicide-related chemicals that are common in GMO-fed cows).

Groovy Bee Collagen Peptides contains no gluten and is extensively lab tested for glyphosate, heavy metals, and microbiology.

Collagen Peptides

How to use Groovy Bee Collagen Peptides

Consume Groovy Bee Collagen Peptides with vitamin C-rich foods, such as citrus fruits and orange juice. This can help improve the absorption of collagen in your digestive tract.

Each 8 g serving of Groovy Bee Collagen Peptides delivers 7.2 g of pure protein (14% of the Daily Value), making it a convenient way to increase your daily intake of protein and beneficial amino acids. Our premium bovine collagen powder easily dissolves in both cold and hot beverages (up to 120 degrees) and can be added to shakes, smoothies, fruit juices, teas, and coffees. You can even mix it in your soups and breakfast cereals.

Delicious Orange CollagenCreamsicle Shake Recipe

This delicious and nutritious beverage makes a great pre- or post-workout shake.



  1. Blend all the ingredients until you reach your desired consistency.
  2. Pour into a cup and enjoy.

Collagen Peptides

Derived from grass-fed cows, Groovy Bee Collagen Peptides is a lab-verified bovine collagen powder that contains Type I and Type III collagen, which can support healthy skin, bones, muscles, tendons, and overall health. Use it to boost your daily intake of protein, amino acids, and other essential nutrients. Our premium bovine collagen powder is also non-GMO and lab tested for glyphosate, AMPA, heavy metals and microbiology.

Collagen Peptides



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Collagen Peptides



Collagen Peptides



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